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Unlike providers operating in a legal gray area, we employ experienced testers who thoroughly review and evaluate your offer. Therefore, the ratings we give are genuine, legal, safe, and desired by the respective platforms.


With us you can buy reviews from 6.39 EUR. Therefore, we are one of the cheapest players on the market, without sacrificing quality.


We ensure that our ratings are maintained over time and have a significant impact on your company's reputation. Through our reviews, your company will be ranked higher in search results of popular search engines, which in turn will lead to an increase in sales.


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5 Star Review: Your Path to Positive Reviews and a Strengthened Corporate Image

5-Star Review offers a comprehensive solution for businesses facing negative reviews. Instead of relying on the complicated and often expensive process of deleting reviews, 5-Star Review enables the targeted acquisition of positive reviews from genuine German reviewers.

This method serves to balance reviews of questionable quality and restore the true image of the company. Over the years, 5-Star Review has helped numerous businesses improve their reputation, increase sales, and accurately represent their actual performance by building a stronger and more positive online presence.


To achieve an overall average of 4.6 stars, you mathematically need 10 five-star reviews to offset the negative impact of a one-star review.
This demonstrates how a single low rating can significantly impact the overall perception and underscores the importance of obtaining a larger number of high-quality reviews to positively influence the overall rating.

Increased Revenue Through Positive Reviews

Positive reviews significantly impact a company's revenue. Research indicates that good reviews can sustainably and substantially increase a product's sales, often by more than 30%. Our platform provides you with easy access to a wide range of motivated reviewers.
They can post high-quality [reviews] on the marketplace of your choice. Reviews which help to highlight your product and boost sales. Leverage the power of positive reviews to increase your revenue.

Positive Reviews Boost Trust

Over 50% of buyers are influenced by reviews in their purchasing decisions. Even a single positive review can boost sales, and with 50 reviews, there is often a significant increase in revenue to be observed. These reviews not only enhance the visibility of your product but also strengthen customer trust in the quality of your products and your company overall.

As your partner, 5-Star Review offers the opportunity to purchase professional reviews and genuine ratings, thereby sustainably boosting your sales. Choose the right package in our online store and start your review campaign to maximize your success.


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Bad Google reviews lead to customers avoiding your business.

The majority of customers read Google reviews before making a decision about a provider.

Studies have shown that most customers trust online Google reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Customers spend about a third more money with companies that have excellent 5-star ratings.

Google dominates the online world by offering various types of services. In particular, Google's search engine and Play Store are among the most used products. If your company receives a high number of reviews, Google displays your product/service on the front page of its search engine. As a result, you get a large number of visits to your site.

The first review takes place within 48 hours. Some portals have a review cycle that can take up to three business days. In the worst case, you will find the first review online only after five working days.

We research in advance to find suitable testers for you who are both a good fit for you, your product or your on-site service, and who are well-intentioned and impartial from the start.

Yes, they will remain permanently in your profile. If a rating is deleted for any reason, we will re-enter it.

Genuine and Verified Identity:

Our reviewers are carefully selected and represent a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives. Their reviews are a valuable tool for our clients to make informed decisions and gain genuine insights into the quality of our services.

We take pride in emphasizing our authenticity by employing reviewers who share our belief that genuine and verified reviews are the key to customer satisfaction and business success.

Long-standing Experience:

Our long-standing experience in review management allows for a smooth process, including a money-back guarantee. Our clients benefit from our expertise and reliability.
At 5-Star Review, we focus on integrity and professional services. Our commitment to authenticity and customer satisfaction sets us apart from other companies in the market.

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