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Why are online reviews important?

- Bad Google reviews cause customers to avoid your business

- Overwhelming majority of consumers read reviews from Google before buying a   

     Make use of product or service

- Overwhelming majority of customers read reviews from Google before buying a

    Provider make the decision

- Studies have proven that most customers use online reviews from Google

    just as much as personal recommendations.

- Customers spend about one-third more money at companies with outstanding 5-star

    Ratings from.

Why do I need to buy positive Google reviews?

Google dominates the online world by offering various types of services. In particular, Google's search engine and Play Store are most used products.

If your company gets a high number of reviews, Google will show your product/service on the front page of the search engine. As a result, you will get a large number of hits on your page.

When will I get the first evaluation?

The first review takes place within 48 hours. Some portals have a review cycle that can take up to three business days. In the worst case, you will find the first review online only after five working days.

Do I always get five stars?

We research in advance to find suitable testers for you who are both a good fit for you, your product or your on-site service, and who are well-intentioned and impartial from the start.

Will the ratings be permanent?

Yes, they will remain permanently in your profile. If a rating is deleted for any reason, we will re-enter it.

What makes 5-Star-Review different from other companies?

On the one hand, we are a real company listed in the commercial register of the Arnsberg district court and have a verifiable VAT ID. On the other hand, we have gained so much experience in recent years that we can now offer a smooth and unproblematic processing including money-back guarantee.

Who actually rates my business?

Since we come from the mystery shopping industry (test buying agency), we have sufficient connections to experienced testers who will write your evaluation in perfect German.

Is the evaluation purchase legal?

In order to operate on legally safe ground, a number of rules must be observed. For example, the product testers used must not be tendentious. It is therefore important to produce genuine and voluntarily submitted reviews. Due to our reach and large pool of reviewers, we can guarantee exactly this by providing you with independent testers across countries who will evaluate your company fairly and independently. Translated with (free version)